Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wish List x

So today I have created a wish list of a few items I really want! (but unfortunately, I am broke atm so can't get any, awwww *sad face*)

I love working with the eyes. Eye Make-Up is probably what I love to do the best, and in my opinion, can make or break the look. Eye Make-Up has the abitily to change the character. Whether it's bruised and battered, to party girl. It can show the world what type of person you are.

I LOVE haveing big palette's filled with colours. The downfall to that is, they don't fit into a clutch on a wicked night out. (even if they did, I wouldn't take it out baha) So I mixed up my mini-wishlist with palette's and some smaller shadows.

This looks like a nice palette, which is why it has made it into the wishlist. It had 100 colours, including warm browns right up to the brights. I've never had a problem with e.l.f cosmetics, so I have no doubt in my mind that the product would be s**t ! The layout is cute, and a basic case. It would be a great palette for both blogger, artist and everyday woman/girl.

I chose this colour because it is a nice sweet version of a blue. Kiddie Pool has both sparkle and shimmer. Meaning that is is perfect if your a glitter barbie, or looking to try something other than a matte eyeshadow! I have been wearing blue on my eyes a lot lately. Which is also another reason it has made it into the Wish List!

Illamasqua is slowly becoming a favorited brand to me. Hence why it has made it into the wish list. I love the colours. The main reason it's here in my Wish List!

I love BH Cosmetics! I have been a fan for a while! BH Cosmetics has high pigmented colours, and they are so CHEAP but a great quality! This palette has 40 colours. All colours that may be worn on a typical night out on the town, hence the colours of the name "Party Girl" !
The case is a nice black, so it would mesh in well with my kit (most of my kit is black and white) which is why it is in my wishlist!

Hope you liked the preview of my wish list!


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and grabbing my button, I grabbed yours too! Your blog is so great, I really love the name!


    1. Thanks :) x The comment was really nice of you :) xx