Friday, 8 June 2012

Orly Nail Polish.

Pictured above are 2 Orly Nail Lacquers which I picked up from Priceline today for $3 for two!

The top three are photo's of "Crawford's Wine" ..!
The bottom three are of Spice ..!

You may notice that in the CW photo, there is a little key ring? That specific colour was a limited edition colour, celebrating 30 years of Orly! And the thing that amazed me, is that the colour is called Crawford Wine! Just down from my house is the Crawford River Winery! I was in shock, so I must do a little investigation into whether the name of the colour has anything to do with it! haha.

So the photo's of the nail colour, didn't turn out well in the colour lens.
Spice is a really gorgeous Purple, and Crawford Wine in a really gorgeous, flirtatious, sexy red/pink!
The colours are both really shimmery, which I love! They look really gorgeous in the light.

I had to get a bit creative with this post. Since I hate my nails.. I took a fake nail, super glued it to a tooth pick, and painted it! That's why it looks strange babes! Calm ya' farm! Don't stress it! :)

I found the nail polishes easy to apply, smooth, don't glug easily upon application, and the colours show up the same after they have dried! (Don't ask.. Bad experience once!)
Hopefully the review helps guys!
Lots of Love!!

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