Saturday, 2 June 2012

BH Cosmetics 66 Colour Lip-Gloss Palette

So above is the 66 Color Lip Palette by BH Cosmetics!
This is honestly one of the best buys I have EVER made!

The colours are of a high pigment, and the are classified as a gloss, but honestly.. They are more of a lipstick. They have a lot of shine to them, and are smooth and sheer.

I mainly love this palette as it's the ultimate tool for a training make-up artist such as myself. The colour range of the palette is huge. From the normal pinks and reds to the unusual blue, whites and oranges.

Other things that shocked me about this particular brand is the way they send there packages.
In a firm tough box, with a lot of cushioning to support the contents from travelling. Considering, I live in Australia, and they are sending from America.. There was minimal damage! Not a scratch at all!

Also, the palette contains the ingredients, best before AND where it is made on the back!
That is VERY unusual to find in a lot of brands these days!

Hope you enjoyed my review guys!

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  1. How long does one pot last for?

    1. Hey lovely!
      I actually haven't used up a full pot, but they are roughly the size of an American dime or Australian 5cent piece. From one of them so far, I have used half and that has been roughly 7 apllications, but I am also very light on in the amount I use. It honestly depends on how much you like on your lips at the one time as well.
      I would also probably say the palette is more for people that like to experiment with colour or work on others. Because if you get hooked on one colour, it wont be a staple as it doesn't come in a tube :( I have had that problem!
      Hopefully this helps
      Em xo

  2. Hi, how long does the lipgloss last before it expires? I know it varies when you get it..but does I wanted to know the time frame..coz every pack shud hv the same time frame expires