Saturday, 2 June 2012

Models Prefer Foundation!

Pictured above is the Models Prefer Foundation!

I brought this as a cheapo when I was going through a bit of a "strapped for cash" month !
I brought it from Priceline in Hamilton, not too sure on the price now, but I 100% know it's less than $20. After making the change to CoverGirl, I realized that I didn't like Models Prefer at all.

It felt really heavy on my skin, and it has a very strong undertone of orange. My skin looked so much better after the change to CoverGirl. I looked more natural.

Models Prefer feels really grainy, and it also caused me a lot of grief with my skin problems!
Clogged pores, the whole lot. My nose has never looked better now that I'm not using it.

5/10 from me to be honest.
Hope this helps you all with your next foundation choice!!

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