Sunday, 26 August 2012

Miki Eyeshadow Palette x

SO I recently bought this palette for when I do make-up with the bestie for this year's school production, "The Wedding Singer"

The palette has no matte colours, they are all semi-matte, and some are shimmer.
They aren't highly pigmented but perfect for if you want a toned down but colourful eye.

The shadows are a silky texture. They apply well, and look great on.
An 7 and a 1/2 out of 10 from me :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wish List x

I have seriously fallen in love with this dress!
I love the cut of the neck line. And I love the uneven strip!
It is definately added to my wish list. :)

♥ Available at Supre  ♥

I have always love tie dyed jeans.
It is seriously an obsession of mine.
I fell in love with this beauties when I first saw them.

♥ Also available at Supre ♥

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine
This is a part of Bobbi Brown's new Miami Collection!
I adore these, and they protect your lips from factors such as sun, and are in such sweet colours!

♥ Available at Bobbi Brown

So when I got the email about Bobbi Brown's new BB Cream, I just had to add it to my wishlist!

♥ Available at Bobbi Brown

Essence Eye Pencils xx

I had a little bit of a splurge with a whole $10 in Priceline with the bestie last week, and I picked up these two little cheapo's because well, I was busting for new eye pencils!

The top one is just a normal pencil.
It's a really nice brown and I actually use it to fill in my brows!
I really love this because it is a extremely soft pencil, but not to the point that the ends are snapping off :) I really love it. For a really cheap brand, this is one of the best pencils I have ever used!

This is the second pencil I brought. Slightly a little more expensive than the first, but so worth it.
It isn't a normal pencil, it winds up, and is soo much more softer and easier to use. Both pencils come in a range of colours but the softer ones are slightly more appealing. I love the fact that it's purple!

This is an amazing brand for pencils, so be sure to pick one up the next time you're at Priceline!

BYS Blush in "Pretty in Pink"

So this is a product I have already posted about before, but I'm re-posting because the photo's were previously REALLY dodgy.

I love the BYS Blushes, but I found that this particular blush was too light of a pink for me. Since I am More of a tan person, blushes that are more of a coral colour suite me.
This colour would be perfect for someone of fair skin!

I found this to be slightly too Talc ridden, but not to the point that it makes my cheeks feel tight.
I would use this for a drunken night out as the colour stays where it's meant to stay.
Overall I would give it a 7/10.

Rimmel London Renew & Lift Foundation x

I had originally brought this for my Mum :)
So my review is mainly from me testing it on the back of my hand, once on my face, and for the two months that my Mum has used it :)

So basically the product claims to help created a younger look to skin withing 12 days, which is what we had tested! When mum first used it she felt her skin "tighten" a little bit, and she felt that her skin glowed a little more as well.

When I first put it on the back of my hand, I also felt a little tightening as well!
The product smells really great, and Mum did notice a little bit of a difference after 12 days. I also notice that when I pushed on my Mum's cheeks on the twelfth day, it returned to normal much quicker than what it did before she started using Rimmel's Foundation. Mum has loved it and has rated it a 9/10 

Hopefully this short review helps all you beautiful matured women out there
Lots of love!

Sportsgirl Get Cheeky Blush x

When I was in Bendigo in the first Holidays of 2012 I went shopping with my Grandma and Mum.
Not the ideal shopping partners, but well.. yeah.
I picked up a couple Sportsgirl Cosmetics for a try and well I loved the glosses, but didn't like the blush as much.

The blush feels really chalky, since the talc content is high. The colours don't really work well on my skin. They made me look "fake".

I wasn't very happy with this blush. It didn't sit right on my skin, and wore off quickly.

Rimmel London Blushes ! x

I got these from Coles yesterday for roughly $4.00 each! So I was quite happy with that!
I actually adore these blushes! They are big enough to have LOTS of applications from, but small enough for if you don't have much space in your Make-up Bag!
They don't feel heavy on the cheek, and they also don't have that dryness that makes your cheeks feel a bit stiff, and tight when you smile!

The colours are great, and you can use one, two or three at once, so they are perfect for if you want different looks, or if your going from day make-up to night make-up.

I love them, and I suggest you try these Blushes out! :)

Garnier BB Cream x

Over the past few weeks, I have started to notice a bit of a change in my skin.
I've always had Oily skin, but not to the point that my skin turns against me and has excessive break outs and my skin scars/blemishes after breakouts!

It's only been recently that my skin has been doing this, so I changed my morning routine and added in this little beauty by Garnier!

I wasn't 100% sure which colour to choose, as there was no tester, it came in a box, and even the bottle colour wasn't clear so that you could see the product. To be honest that really angered me, as I ended up having to do a little research (which didn't help) and I ended up purchasing two tones of it!

So these are the two that I ended up with:

The product is Non Comedogenic, which I love, and it's intention is to hydrate the skin, even out complexion, reduce sun spots and imperfections and boost the healthy glow! And the SPF 15 is an added bonus!

I found that the product really did reduce my blemishes, and it is soo light weight!
I don't wear a foundation to school anymore, just a BB cream with pressed powder on top to hold it in place, and I don't even have to moisturize after my morning cleanse!
On weekends I do wear foundation over the top, since I end up in photo's with friends and go out to parties etc.
I really loved this product. A massive 10/10 from me :)

Australis Brush-On Foundation xx

A few weeks ago now, I ran out of my CoverGirl foundation, and was on the hunt for something cheap  that will hold out until I had a bit extra money to purchase a new CoverGirl bottle.
Priceline in Hamilton was having a little cheapo on Foundations and stuff, and I picked up this Australis brush on Foundation for roughly $5.

End of story, I didn't like it. I hated the brush applicator, the foundation harmed my skin because it was a little grainy, and it is meerly impossible for me to clean the brush.
I can't really complain since it was only $5, but the product annoyed me a lot. Particularly the open tab, because I kept forgetting about it, and one time I squeezed so hard that I burst the actually tube.
Kinda funny now that I think of it, but still..
That was more my stupidity than the actual product! haha

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Browtician Tweezers x

So at the very beginning of the holidays, I was a little down, so of course I went and brought myself a little treat from Priceline to cheer myself up!
I knew I was in need of new tweezers because well my dad ALWAYS flogs every new set that I buy! (don't worry, these babies are hidden from the thief!)

I found this new range called Browtician, and there range of tweezers are so cool!
They come in all shapes and sizes, and come with cute little cases that have a mirror background, so then you can touch up your brows on the go :)

I chose the one with the comb. But there is a fairly decent range from pointed, different angled tips, mini tweezers, ones with decorations, ones with brushes etc.

I adore their range, and the tweezers work so well!
I recommend them to everyone!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Just a few Youtube Video's.

So I chose to add this video in as it is a great video for demonstrating how to apply bronzer to the face, and how what blushes match in well with a nicely bronzed face.

I seriously fell in love with this song, ever since it has been on the new Neighbours ad!

And these last two songs have simply just been a favorite of mine for a while. I love them!
Hopefully you love these :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My Favourite Mascara! x

So every woman I have ever met in my life, has had trouble finding the PERFECT mascara for themselves. But I have found mine! Which is why I'm so excited about telling you all.
I honestly have never come across a mascara as good as this, like ever!

I was really hesitant about trying this brand at first, as it's a really cheap looking range. But I got a tester tube of mascara on a magazine, and after trying it I fell in love. I used the tester tube for about a month, so I went and brought a real one, which I've had for about 2months now! (I wanted to make sure what I was seeing was real haha)

In most of my posts of make-up, I have used this mascara.
It gives a really nice full look to the lashes, without all the lashes clumping together!
The brush doesn't push the lashes together, which is why you get a really nice full look.

And my most fave thing of this, is that when you take the mascara off, it comes off looking like little black tubes of mascara and doesn't smudge on your face. Meaning no panda eyes! :)

I love it! Be sure to order one after you read this at:

And just like it says on their page, it seriously doesn't flake, and DOES capture each lash in the brush AND it does create a fuller longer look!

Here is another blogs review as well:

Hope you enjoyed my review!