Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My Favourite Mascara! x

So every woman I have ever met in my life, has had trouble finding the PERFECT mascara for themselves. But I have found mine! Which is why I'm so excited about telling you all.
I honestly have never come across a mascara as good as this, like ever!

I was really hesitant about trying this brand at first, as it's a really cheap looking range. But I got a tester tube of mascara on a magazine, and after trying it I fell in love. I used the tester tube for about a month, so I went and brought a real one, which I've had for about 2months now! (I wanted to make sure what I was seeing was real haha)

In most of my posts of make-up, I have used this mascara.
It gives a really nice full look to the lashes, without all the lashes clumping together!
The brush doesn't push the lashes together, which is why you get a really nice full look.

And my most fave thing of this, is that when you take the mascara off, it comes off looking like little black tubes of mascara and doesn't smudge on your face. Meaning no panda eyes! :)

I love it! Be sure to order one after you read this at:

And just like it says on their page, it seriously doesn't flake, and DOES capture each lash in the brush AND it does create a fuller longer look!

Here is another blogs review as well:

Hope you enjoyed my review!

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