Thursday, 28 June 2012

Two Of My Newbies

So while I was in Warni I got a few little things to spoil myself.
Here are two reviews on some things I brought.

Concealer is my best friend.
Hence why I get SOO frustrated when I have to buy the two types, and they NEVER match exactly. And I can also end up spending around $30 just for a good liquid concealer and a good stick concealer.
I haven't been able to afford much lately, which is why I looked for a good cheapy.
I was so surprised to find this little stick of joy at Kmart, because it has both stick and liquid in one!!!

The liquid isn't a heavy coverage, but isn't too light of coverage either. That suited my personal taste just fine as I use liquid around my eyes only. If it's too heavy, I just look strange... And if it's too light, I still have bags!!!

The stick concealer is also a very creamy stick. Good for covering up my pimples!
This would have to be my #1 Concealer Duo, that's under $10 !!
9.5/10 xx

This is my new handbag from Strandbags in Warni !
It is a bluebird handbag, which is my favorite brand for bags and purses !
I got it for $19 so it was an absolute bargain!
I love my new bag. :)
I suggest everyone to check out the Bluebird range on the Strandbags website!! :)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wish List x

So today I have created a wish list of a few items I really want! (but unfortunately, I am broke atm so can't get any, awwww *sad face*)

I love working with the eyes. Eye Make-Up is probably what I love to do the best, and in my opinion, can make or break the look. Eye Make-Up has the abitily to change the character. Whether it's bruised and battered, to party girl. It can show the world what type of person you are.

I LOVE haveing big palette's filled with colours. The downfall to that is, they don't fit into a clutch on a wicked night out. (even if they did, I wouldn't take it out baha) So I mixed up my mini-wishlist with palette's and some smaller shadows.

This looks like a nice palette, which is why it has made it into the wishlist. It had 100 colours, including warm browns right up to the brights. I've never had a problem with e.l.f cosmetics, so I have no doubt in my mind that the product would be s**t ! The layout is cute, and a basic case. It would be a great palette for both blogger, artist and everyday woman/girl.

I chose this colour because it is a nice sweet version of a blue. Kiddie Pool has both sparkle and shimmer. Meaning that is is perfect if your a glitter barbie, or looking to try something other than a matte eyeshadow! I have been wearing blue on my eyes a lot lately. Which is also another reason it has made it into the Wish List!

Illamasqua is slowly becoming a favorited brand to me. Hence why it has made it into the wish list. I love the colours. The main reason it's here in my Wish List!

I love BH Cosmetics! I have been a fan for a while! BH Cosmetics has high pigmented colours, and they are so CHEAP but a great quality! This palette has 40 colours. All colours that may be worn on a typical night out on the town, hence the colours of the name "Party Girl" !
The case is a nice black, so it would mesh in well with my kit (most of my kit is black and white) which is why it is in my wishlist!

Hope you liked the preview of my wish list!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Miki Lip Gloss in Sparkle!

So this gloss is so cute. So this one is in Sparkle.
Unlike the Napoleon Perdis and Mirenesse Glosses that I have done in my previous posts, this is more of a transparent pink gloss. Perfect to wear alone or with a lipstick/pencil !
It has a bit of sparkle to it, which I must say so myself, makes a gloss much more appealing.
And the cool thing about it, is that is has two lights in the lid, for if the lighting isn't that great when you go to apply or touch up!
I love this!
10/10 x

Napoleon Perdis Luxe Lip Gloss

I've had this gloss since January now, and well it is a good gloss, but not one of my faves.
It smells fruity and yummy, but well.. It's a really heavy gloss.
I find that because it is such a thick gloss, it streaks during application.

I hate the wand in it as well. It makes it all to easy to have TOO much gloss because it picks up LOADS! I'm not joking either. If maybe the texture wasn't so gluggy and the wand was different. I would love it loads more. But for now it's just an 8/10 xx

My New Hobby x

Well Emma Sparrow has a new Hobby!
You may of seen in my last post, that I'm trying to find myself, so the first Hobby I am getting into is

Sewing <3

I'm actually so excited. I picked up a few things in Warnambool yesterday, to start my new hobby, but also because I'm doing Fashion Design at school.

So here is a little preview on the few things I have brought to get me started. (I'm going to be just using my Mum's sewing machine)
I have already started sewing as well! I'm currently making a little make-up bag :)
(I will later post how to make the template for it and photo's)

So that's my new sewing box :)
I adore it! I got it from Spotlight !
I love it soo much. It is spacious for my little projects to sit into at the bottom, and to hold all of my tools and things! It has a 'poof' at the top for pins, and a small pocket. It's just the cutest.
There are other polka dot ones that are bigger/smaller, and different colours too.
So that is my new sewing kit :) x

Thursday, 21 June 2012


So, I had a little bit of a mental meltdown earlier, because it has only just hit me that this is my final year of school! Like ever! (apart from further study!)

I kinda got thinking about what I'm going to be doing with my life, and how to take the next step onto who I am going to become! AHH so scary!

Over the next few weeks I will be exploring where to go, how to take the next step, and I'm going to share my progress with all of you! Learn how to find myself, what I love. And most of all.. What's in store for next year!

Stay tuned :) xx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Lee Stafford Hair Pack.

So I was browsing in Priceline today, looking for a new heat protection mist for when I straighten my hair. Of course I came across the brand, because well duh. I brought it. But I was going to buy the bigger bottle for $15.

I haven't been too keen on a few brands lately, due to the fact my hair now gets greasy within 2days. Before I get the chance to wash my hair on the second day.
I started to notice it mostly after using my Rok Ebony mist, which, hence, is why I'm changing brand.

I didn't want to buy a big bottle, incase this one did the same, and Mum just "happened" to stumble upon this mini pack for $7!

I am satisfied with the range!
NO MORE OILY HAIR!! hehe well within reason!

So the pack came with 50ml bottle of Flat Iron Protection Mist, Dry Shampoo, and an Anti-Frizz Spray!
And in gorgeous PINK bottles!! Gah so gorgeous!

I'm going to keep these for when I go up to the boyfriends (aka pack lighter so he doesn't complain about "all my stuff") and I'm going back to buy the bigger bottles for home!! :)

Be sure to try the brand out guys! :)

Orly Nail Polish.

Pictured above are 2 Orly Nail Lacquers which I picked up from Priceline today for $3 for two!

The top three are photo's of "Crawford's Wine" ..!
The bottom three are of Spice ..!

You may notice that in the CW photo, there is a little key ring? That specific colour was a limited edition colour, celebrating 30 years of Orly! And the thing that amazed me, is that the colour is called Crawford Wine! Just down from my house is the Crawford River Winery! I was in shock, so I must do a little investigation into whether the name of the colour has anything to do with it! haha.

So the photo's of the nail colour, didn't turn out well in the colour lens.
Spice is a really gorgeous Purple, and Crawford Wine in a really gorgeous, flirtatious, sexy red/pink!
The colours are both really shimmery, which I love! They look really gorgeous in the light.

I had to get a bit creative with this post. Since I hate my nails.. I took a fake nail, super glued it to a tooth pick, and painted it! That's why it looks strange babes! Calm ya' farm! Don't stress it! :)

I found the nail polishes easy to apply, smooth, don't glug easily upon application, and the colours show up the same after they have dried! (Don't ask.. Bad experience once!)
Hopefully the review helps guys!
Lots of Love!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ulta3 Lipstick in Petal

I love owning lipsticks and lip glosses! Just as much as I love owning brushes and eye shadows.
So when I was hitting the pocket hard, I found this cute little brand at my local Chemist!
I got my lipstick for about $2, so I wasn't expecting much.. But I actually love the brand!

Like, no it's not as much quality as say a $30 Bobbi Brown Lipstick, but well it's $2 so who cares!
Take it when you go out for the night, so then you don't regret loosing your $30 Bobbi Brown!

For $2 it's definitely worth it.
The colour range is extensive to a point, and yeah..
Just be sure to pair with a lip pencil and gloss, or you will have dry lips!

So worth the $2 though.
I will be buying their brand more often!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

My Faves!

So pictured above, are four of my most Favorited things (for now anyways) <3

Top Left <3
These are really nice soaps that I get from a store called Victoria's in Hamilton :)
They smell so nice! I have a couple, like rock melon, rose, orange and coffee bean.
They smell nice, and are only $2 a bar, unlike other stores that sell quality soap for $15 a bar. Grr.
If you live in Hamilton, Victoria. Be sure to try their soap out!

Top Right <3
That is the Nude By Nature, Powder Foundation Brush.
For a while, I loved the brush, then hated it for a bit (because they are a cow to clean), but now I have learnt that two washes with shampoo and one with conditioner, weekly, does the trick :)
As I no longer use powder foundations, I actually use it as a shimmer brush.
And it is kept in a sunglasses bag, to prevent the shimmer from going all over the place!!

Bottom Left <3
Ulta3 Nail Polish in Jelly.
I have always loved fluro colours in small doses. Haha.
Ulta3 isn't the greatest for nail polishes, but I suppose that for $1 from Coles, it did the job well enough for what it is worth!

Bottom Right <3
Np Set Champagne Palette.
So I actually got this from doing my Make-Up Course, and it now stays in my make-up bag ALL the time now. It has eye shadows, blush and lips. Oh and even a mirror, which I LOVE!
Mainly I love the browns, they are slightly shimmery, and apply well, and actually stay!
All the colours are So easy to blend to!

Well that is all for this post.. Bye, until next time!

Models Prefer Foundation!

Pictured above is the Models Prefer Foundation!

I brought this as a cheapo when I was going through a bit of a "strapped for cash" month !
I brought it from Priceline in Hamilton, not too sure on the price now, but I 100% know it's less than $20. After making the change to CoverGirl, I realized that I didn't like Models Prefer at all.

It felt really heavy on my skin, and it has a very strong undertone of orange. My skin looked so much better after the change to CoverGirl. I looked more natural.

Models Prefer feels really grainy, and it also caused me a lot of grief with my skin problems!
Clogged pores, the whole lot. My nose has never looked better now that I'm not using it.

5/10 from me to be honest.
Hope this helps you all with your next foundation choice!!

So as many of you may have noticed, my photo's have dramatically changed in the last couple of posts!
Well that is because I have found
It's a really really good photo editing site!
I could probably tell you a lot of great editing sites, but this one in particular is a better choice as you have a lot of different apps to choose from!
And in saying 'apps' I mean the apps on the site, not the ones you download to your iPod or iPhone. Just to clarify that one !

Here are a couple examples of what I have done on the site!

Check it out!

BH Cosmetics 66 Colour Lip-Gloss Palette

So above is the 66 Color Lip Palette by BH Cosmetics!
This is honestly one of the best buys I have EVER made!

The colours are of a high pigment, and the are classified as a gloss, but honestly.. They are more of a lipstick. They have a lot of shine to them, and are smooth and sheer.

I mainly love this palette as it's the ultimate tool for a training make-up artist such as myself. The colour range of the palette is huge. From the normal pinks and reds to the unusual blue, whites and oranges.

Other things that shocked me about this particular brand is the way they send there packages.
In a firm tough box, with a lot of cushioning to support the contents from travelling. Considering, I live in Australia, and they are sending from America.. There was minimal damage! Not a scratch at all!

Also, the palette contains the ingredients, best before AND where it is made on the back!
That is VERY unusual to find in a lot of brands these days!

Hope you enjoyed my review guys!

Photo made at :)