Friday, 22 June 2012

My New Hobby x

Well Emma Sparrow has a new Hobby!
You may of seen in my last post, that I'm trying to find myself, so the first Hobby I am getting into is

Sewing <3

I'm actually so excited. I picked up a few things in Warnambool yesterday, to start my new hobby, but also because I'm doing Fashion Design at school.

So here is a little preview on the few things I have brought to get me started. (I'm going to be just using my Mum's sewing machine)
I have already started sewing as well! I'm currently making a little make-up bag :)
(I will later post how to make the template for it and photo's)

So that's my new sewing box :)
I adore it! I got it from Spotlight !
I love it soo much. It is spacious for my little projects to sit into at the bottom, and to hold all of my tools and things! It has a 'poof' at the top for pins, and a small pocket. It's just the cutest.
There are other polka dot ones that are bigger/smaller, and different colours too.
So that is my new sewing kit :) x

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