Saturday, 2 June 2012

My Faves!

So pictured above, are four of my most Favorited things (for now anyways) <3

Top Left <3
These are really nice soaps that I get from a store called Victoria's in Hamilton :)
They smell so nice! I have a couple, like rock melon, rose, orange and coffee bean.
They smell nice, and are only $2 a bar, unlike other stores that sell quality soap for $15 a bar. Grr.
If you live in Hamilton, Victoria. Be sure to try their soap out!

Top Right <3
That is the Nude By Nature, Powder Foundation Brush.
For a while, I loved the brush, then hated it for a bit (because they are a cow to clean), but now I have learnt that two washes with shampoo and one with conditioner, weekly, does the trick :)
As I no longer use powder foundations, I actually use it as a shimmer brush.
And it is kept in a sunglasses bag, to prevent the shimmer from going all over the place!!

Bottom Left <3
Ulta3 Nail Polish in Jelly.
I have always loved fluro colours in small doses. Haha.
Ulta3 isn't the greatest for nail polishes, but I suppose that for $1 from Coles, it did the job well enough for what it is worth!

Bottom Right <3
Np Set Champagne Palette.
So I actually got this from doing my Make-Up Course, and it now stays in my make-up bag ALL the time now. It has eye shadows, blush and lips. Oh and even a mirror, which I LOVE!
Mainly I love the browns, they are slightly shimmery, and apply well, and actually stay!
All the colours are So easy to blend to!

Well that is all for this post.. Bye, until next time!

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