Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ulta3 Lipstick in Petal

I love owning lipsticks and lip glosses! Just as much as I love owning brushes and eye shadows.
So when I was hitting the pocket hard, I found this cute little brand at my local Chemist!
I got my lipstick for about $2, so I wasn't expecting much.. But I actually love the brand!

Like, no it's not as much quality as say a $30 Bobbi Brown Lipstick, but well it's $2 so who cares!
Take it when you go out for the night, so then you don't regret loosing your $30 Bobbi Brown!

For $2 it's definitely worth it.
The colour range is extensive to a point, and yeah..
Just be sure to pair with a lip pencil and gloss, or you will have dry lips!

So worth the $2 though.
I will be buying their brand more often!

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