Saturday, 28 July 2012

My personal tips for caring for Oily Roots/Dry Ends.

Everyone has a different Hair type.
For me I have Oily hair, which is where Natural Oils build up quickly and leave hair looking feral.
For me as an oily hair sufferer, my hair can go from fresh and clean, to feral within a few hours after straightening. So I have slowly learnt how to prevent this!

So basically I'm in the cycle of washing my hair every second day!
I use Garnier Fructis, Oily Roots Dry Ends Shampoo and Condition. Which looks like this:

You can get this at the supermarket, and Priceline!
It's really good to massage the shampoo into the roots of your hair. If you dont get a good amount of bubbles or foam the first wash, then that indicates that you need two washes with the shampoo. SO don't stress if you don't get bubbles!
When you use your conditioner, only use it on the roots of your hair. You will only need one wash of this! Since there is already a lot of natural oils at the roots of the hair, you only need to condition the ends :)

Between washs, sometimes I may get a few oily patches, mainly around the part in my hair.
So it may be a good idea to have a dry shampoo handy. I would recommend Lee Stafford from Priceline, or this beauty Cedel.

To buy visit:

Simply, spray on the oily patch, leave for a couple mins and they brush out out of your hair!
There is also a can designed for dark hair :)

Hopefully these tips help!

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