Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Tafe Day Tuesday! x

So yesterday was my TAFE day!
We had a little bit of fun in class, experimenting with colour :)
Oh I love colours!

I did make-up on my bestfriend, Up top!
I must say, I am pretty proud of my final outcome!

So let me explain!
First I did a nice, skin-toned matched base (foundation, concealer then pressed powder).
Be sure to add the concealer after the foundation, and don't put foundation on your lids!
Then I prepared the eye. Just with concealer and some pressed powder! Pretty basic, no primer as the colour will come off twice as fast! Trust me haha.
Then I did the beautiful eye make-up!
If your doing this, depending on the grab of the colour, you may like to use blot tissue so you don't get colour below the eye (where it's not supposed to be haha!)
I started with a medium matte-blue, and worked the colour softly throughout the crease and on the outer third of the lid. I took the colour a little higher that the crease closer to the brow but not all the way to the brow!!
Then I used a darker matte-blue and blended that into the outer part of the crease. Be sure to blend it thoroughly into the medium blue.
Then take a medium semi-matte green, and fill in the lid and the rest of the crease, leaving some room at the inner corner of the eye for some white! Make sure this blends in well with the blue, but be sure not to drag your blue back into the green, otherwise you wont get the same look as the photo's. Then add some semi-matte white to the inner corner, blending it into the green. and add a little more white to the inner corner so that you don't lose the strong white colour.
Finish the eye off with a smooth line of eyeliner, some false lashes, and a touch of colour to the brows, highlight if you need. Completly finish the look with a dusting of a browny/pink blush and a brown/nude gloss!

So have fun with this look! Try other colours and have fun.

Btw, Rhychelle has Fair Skin, and Hazel Eyes, so these specific colours are perfect

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