Saturday, 11 August 2012

Browtician Tweezers x

So at the very beginning of the holidays, I was a little down, so of course I went and brought myself a little treat from Priceline to cheer myself up!
I knew I was in need of new tweezers because well my dad ALWAYS flogs every new set that I buy! (don't worry, these babies are hidden from the thief!)

I found this new range called Browtician, and there range of tweezers are so cool!
They come in all shapes and sizes, and come with cute little cases that have a mirror background, so then you can touch up your brows on the go :)

I chose the one with the comb. But there is a fairly decent range from pointed, different angled tips, mini tweezers, ones with decorations, ones with brushes etc.

I adore their range, and the tweezers work so well!
I recommend them to everyone!

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