Monday, 7 May 2012

BH Cosmetics ~ 120 Eyeshadow Palette 5th Edition :)

So when searching through old emails, I came across the email for the launch of BH Cosmetics's new eye shadow palette. When I read it, I actually got excited, even though I knew I was VERY behind on the times haha.
The palette is designed for that feminen side to all us girly girls, with browns for day, and pinks for night. Looking at the site, the product already has a 100% vote on 5/5 from customers.
It tells you everything from what skin tone the buyers had, and everything they loved about the product!
This is Brigita's Review:
I bought 5th palette and some individual brushes (Blending Brush, Smudge Brush, Small Smudge Brush, All-over Brush, Highlighter Brush and Duo Fiber Stippling Brush). Eyeshadow colors are natural and worm, blends well, you can create many different looks - from daily to going out look. Brushes are very soft, blending with them is so easy, great quality for small price!
I`m very excited and I love BH Cosmetics! Definitelly, this wasn`t my last order! I recommend this cosmetics to everyone!
Service and delivery comments:
I was extremely excited when a postman deliver my first order. Only 8 days for package to arrive from USA to Croatia is excellent time! There were no psihical damage on the package nor the items inside, everthing was extremely well protected.

I own a couple other palette's from BH Cosmetics, and generally speaking, all eyeshadows apply the same, so no doubt in my mind, it is easy to blend and highly pigmented.
The regular price is: $34.95 but BH has sales often so you should be able to pick it up cheaper!

Be sure to check out this palette!

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