Thursday, 3 May 2012

BYS Diamond Shadow in Miami Beats !

So as you may be aware,  I recently went for a shopping day in Hamilton with my bestie Rhychelle!
Although I was only intending to buy Foundation, this is one of the little things I just happened to pick up along they way!

Pictured above is the BYS Eye Palette in Miami Beats :)

There is a vast variety of colours throughout the range, and they are perfect for those on low budgets!

Although, this eye shadow contains a lot of Talc. So much, that it actually make me sneeze!
So I personally steer away from the product as much as possible. I only use it if I have to.

As you can see below in the swatches, The colours do come up bright, and they are very shimmery!

Btw, they are a little jumbled up ! My bad :/

I found that the purples came up looking very alike. It kind of annoyed me a little bit.
They are fairly easy to blend, and although it makes me sneeze, the smell in nice.
I give this a 9/10 :)

It was worth the $5 @ The Reject Shop!

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