Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wasp Hair Decorative Lashes :)

So I have been doing a few face charts lately, as I'm slowly teaching myself make-up for photography. I decided to work with some fake lashes, but I wasn't excited on just normal Lashes.

I was thinking about buying a brush set from Wasp Hair (got recommended from a friend also studying beauty, Jess C) and I came across their beautiful range of decorative lashes.

Here are a few below !

These 3 are called Jade, Emily and Katie. All basically the same, but different colours.
I find these perfect for both a good night out and photo shoot's.

The last four have the same concept with fan's of lashes out the side.
I would only wear them if I was going to a raunchy night out eg. Bachellorette Party!!
But they are still very cute!

The one thing I love about Wasp Hair, is that they are very supportive of beauticians.
That's how I know their products make the cut since they are made to revolve around our lives!

Be sure to check out the rest of the lashes!

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