Saturday, 26 May 2012

Semi-Natural Make-Up

A nice classic semi-nude face is my fave type of make up!
A plump pink of brown lip, with a classic eye in bowns :)
this is the kind of make-up I will wear to school, when I can be bothered haha.

First things first, it's just like baking a cake, tools and ingredients. Or in this case, Brushes and Make-Up!
You don't need to have the exact brushes, or the exact make-up, the ones below work best for me personally is all. Also keep in mind that you May, and in many cases will need different colours than me!! 

The Brushes !! :)

Left: Napoleon Perdis Blusher Brush
Right:  Napoleon Perdis Foundation Brush

1: Napoleon Perdis Large Eye Shadow Brush
2: Napoleon Perdis Small Eye Shadow Brush
3: Napoleon Perdis Lip Brush

The Make Up :) xx

Starting at top left going clockwise (Right)
- SportsGirl Get Cheeky Blush
-SportsGirl Lip Jam
-Napoleon Perdis Palette in Champagne
-CoverGirl Foundation for Normal Skin in Buff Beige
- DB Black Mascara
- Savvy By DB Eyeliner Pen
-Australis Lip Pencil in Bashful.

Steps :) xx

1. Start by applying your foundation, working from the nose to the outer frame of your face. Don't put too much on the forehead as it can start to look cakey and dry (even though it's not). If you have pimples or redness, feel free to cover with a concealer. (I don't tend to use it, which is why it isn't in my routine)

2. Add a little bit of blush to the cheeks, not too dark. Only so it is slightly noticeable!

3. Pic 3 browns from the palette that suite your skin tone, keeping in mind that you will need a lighter, medium and darker brown. The colour can be close, but do need a noticeable difference.

4. Start with the medium brown, and cover the full lid, finishing just before the brow.

5. Then take the darker brow, start from the outer corner of the eye and work the brown up alone the  crease of the eye, finishing 1/3 of the way along. Also do a bit along the outer, upper lash line :)

6. Finish with the lighter colour on the middle of the lid (where the pupil would sit if the lid was closed) and a bit on the bottom of the outer third of the brown. Also a thin line of eyeliner across either the bottom or upper lash line. I recommend the upper though. :) And a dash of mascara to the lashes :)

7. All that's left is the lips! Line and fill with the lip pencil and add some of the lip Jam with the Lip brush. All done and ready to go for a light and breezy day !!

Hope you love this look :)

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