Sunday, 29 April 2012

Shady Lady Eye Shadow

Hey Guys!
I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday afternoon! I sure am, considering I'm eating yum as Chocolate Mousse that I made earlier into the day! Haha (I just had to rub it in) !
Also I do have some news! I am now officially in a relationship! Yay's for me hehe !

Well anyways, time to get to the point haha.
This is Sportsgirls Shady Lady Eye Shadow Palette!
(Which was mentioned in a previous post)

So from what I remember I roughly paid $10 for it at Sportsgirl!
At the time, I was like, "meh $10, I may as well try it out" But not I am now kind of am regretting it!

The palette's actual looks it what made me buy it, and I was stupid enough to NOT sample the tester.
The Silver and White are the only two colours I like. The black is EXTREMELY hard to blend, and the pick comes up as a darker white. Was not happy.

I had to keep saying to myself "Emma, it was only $10, no biggy!"
But then I realised that I could of brought a sleek palette for roughly the same price, and yeah.. It was a sad moment.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone to be honest. Since the colours are made with talc, they feel really heavy on your lids. It made me feel like a hooker to be honest (not joking). But in all honesty, I give it a 5/10. It would be something that I would buy for a little kid, as their first make up... No joke!

So yeah.. That's my honest opinion... :/

(black, silver, pink, white)

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