Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Melbourne Trip :)

Sorry that this post has taken me so long.
But a couple days ago, I went to Melbourne for my Fashion Design Trip with School.
Although the trip was intended to check out the folio's at VCE Top Design's at the Museum, we still got a lot of shopping time, and we checked out a few Cafe's and Restaurants.

I got a fair few new things, like a wallet from Rubi Shoes (across from Myers),  and some gorgeous headbands from Valley Girl in the main shopping area.
There are photo's of these cool things on our Facebook.
Click on the Facebook link in the right hand bar!!

My fav shop though is the one and only Smiggle, in the Spencer Street Mall, which is right next to Southern Cross Station!

Now if you are looking for a really great restaurant that does AMAZING Pasta's, I recommend:

Alpino Restaurant
262 Lygon Street
Carlton Victoria


The waiters/waitresses were really nice and great to get along with. We got our first round of drinks and Garlic bread on the house (thanks guys) and the food was amazing! I ate the Alfredo and it was basically a 10/10 for me! There was a variety of different foods that we ate, and we were all very satisfied!

 The second place I recommend is:

Ganache Chocolate
254 Collins Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000


The Macarons and Coffee we were served were so scrummy. There was heaps of different flavours of Macarons, that I can't even remember what I got! haha. The service was great, and the thing I loved was the chocolate on the top of my Cuppachino!

We also went and saw American Pie - The Reunion at Hoyts Cinema in the Central.
Word to the wise, if you can't eat or drink too much, DON'T get a large Coke and Large Popcorn all to yourself. The sizes are VERY different to McDonald's! haha 

I really loved Melbourne, and it's worth a trip there, be sure to head on over and have a look! You will love it :)

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